Commercial FCC License Sample Exams

Take these free exams.  If you don't score high enough to suite your personal standards, consider subscribing to our web based FCC Test Preparation and enhance your chances of passing the license tests on your first attempt with the real exam.  These sample tests were constructed according to the COLEM rules provided by the FCC.  Subscribers have access to every question in all six elements.  Subscribers have a money back guarantee.

These free exams require an answer for each question, even if you guess.  The subscriber's tests does not have this requirement.

Use the chart below to select the testing element association with the FCC exam you wish to take.

License Type Testing Elements
  1 3 7 7R 9
MP- Marine Radio Operator Permit check          
PG - General Radio Operators License check check        
DO - GMDSS Operator License check   check      
RG - GMDSS Restricted Operator License check     check    
DM - GMDSS Maintainer check check       check
DB - GMDSS Radio Operator/Maintainer check check check check
Radar Endorsement to PG, DM, and DB Licensees         check  

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Element   1 Sample Test
Element   3 Sample Test
Element   7 Sample Test
Element 7R Sample Test
Element   8 Sample Test
Element   9 Sample Test

First time test takers have a very high failure rate.  This chart below illustrates the element, the failure rate, and the affected licenses for the sample tests here.  Don't let the first time you sit for the FCC test be the first time you see it.

Testing Element Failure Rate * Applicable Licenses
Element 1 72% MROP, GROL, GMDSS Operator, GMDSS Restricted,
GMDSS Maintainer, and GMDSS Maintainer/Operator
Element 3 83% GROL, GMDSS Maintainer
Element 7 86% GMDSS Operator
Element 7R 83% GMDSS Restricted Operator
Element 9 83% GMDSS Maintainer
Element 8 67% Ship Radar Endorsement
*Based on those taking and completing the sample tests last year

All tests are from the latest approved question pool.

Element 1 6/25/2009 DA 09-1417
Element 3 6/25/2009 DA 09-1417
Element 7 12/10/2012 DA 12-1988
Element 7R 12/10/2012 DA 12-1988
Element 8 6/25/2009 DA 09-1417
Element 9 4/3/2013 DA-13-597


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