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Studied for a week, and passed both tests on the first try. 22/24 and 97/100. Highly recommend this site if you want to set yourself up to pass.

Joe B

Went through these practice tests daily for about a month prior to testing. Passed Element 1 with a 23/24 and Element 3 with a 98/100. This study material prepared me very well.

Barry G

Well worth the 10$ investment. Started to study on Tuesday morning and took ekement 1 on Friday morning. Took a whole 4 1/2 min. Got one wrong out of 25. Thank you for having good study material! I highly recommend this site for the exams.

Wayne D

Started to study for both tests for about 3 months...took both tests in one day..scored a 22 on element 1, and a 93 on element 3....this course was well worth the investment...I highly recommend it

Jason Patry

started reading and reviewing from here last jan-2016, took the element-1 last feb-29 got 100% in 10min, start reviewing after that for element-3 and took the exam just today mar-19 got 97% just got confuse to some question hahaha Thank you very much been a BIG help for a busy day to day activity.


Passed Element 1 last week, first try. Passed Element 3 today, first try, and I only missed one question, and I finished the exam in 21 minutes. Next stop, Element 8. This is best money I have ever spent.

Phil O

I put off getting the GROL for years, but always thought it would be a good credential to have on my resume. I found this site and figured, "$10 bucks? What the heck!" Registered for the next local FCC test cycle, which gave me three weeks to study. Ran through the practice tests so many times that I knew I would pass my elements 1,3 & 8 without any trouble. In short, "NAILED IT, 100%!" Thanks FCCTests.com!

Rick Giles

I wish there were more full tests apart from the six existing. On the other hand I studied thanks to this site and I approved. Thanks

Jose M Molé

I passed the GROL, on my first try thanks to this site. I am extremely pleased with the way each test was laid out in sections. It made it easy to study the material I needed the most. I scored 100% on both parts. I plan to keep using this site to study for the GMDSS.

Michael Stevens

This is awesome I passed element 1,3,and 8 Great website!!

Alandris J Guerrier

Awesome preparation tool! 100 on element 1, 96 on element 3, 98 on element 8. Best 10 bucks I ever spent.

Dave Blersch

Purchased the 3-month subscription and reviewed each repeatedly. Scored 100 on Element 1, 96 on Element 3 and 100 on Element 8 after only two weeks preparing. Definitely worth the price!

Mark D.

I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to prepare for your FCC licenses. I passed my GROL with a 96%


Could not have passed without this preparation! By far the BEST $10 I have spent in a LONG time! THANK YOU!!!


Great website, I must have over studied as I ace element 1 and missed 2 questions on the element 3. The only thing that might help is offer the option to grade the questions as you take them vs waiting until the end. But I really like the grouping by topic as that drilled that topic into your brain :)

Craig Ervin

Excellent site!! Well worth the $10...I just took the NEW GROL Exam Today and scored 100% on Element 1 and 98% Element 3.

Marv Rosseau

FCCTESTS.COM played a substantial role in preparing me for the new Element 3 and Element 9 exam. This strategy worked. I went into the exam with confidence and scored 100% on both exams!

Leo Schieffelin

Passed element 7 with 93% and aced element 1. Great web site to prep for the FCC exams. I highly recommended this web site. Thank you Joe!

Robert Torres

I passed the GROL exam with flying colors. A 97 on the Element 3 and a 92 on the Element 1. I would have received a perfect score if I had not changed the two questions. This web site is great and very much needed for anyone seriously thinking of taking the tests. It allows you to take the test over and over. By doing so, it reveals where you need to focus your extra studies on. Best $10.00 I have spent in a long time. Thanks for the web site and the effort to organize it. Marc Smith KJ4DUK

Marc Smith

Thanks very much Joe! I passed the GROL with Radar Endorsement of first try...Excellent website! Well worth it!

Dale Pendleton

Thanks ... just knocked out my GROL today. Great site.


I remember when this site was free, I studied all the questions and passed with a 98! on element 1. I returned to finished 3 and 8 and its well worth the 10 bucks! ... Congrats on a awesome site! Its been proven you can pass on here! Thanks!

7/26/2008 6:33:34 PM 

Great site and the best $10 I ever spent. Passed the Marine Operators on the first try with a score of 100%. Thanks.

3/11/2008 7:29:51 AM 

Thanks again for all your help with the test pool questiions Passed my Element 8, no problems. Nelson Guadalupe Satellite Beach, FL.

Nelson Guadalupe

I just wanted to give a quick thanks for having such a great web site. I had been laboring for months studying to take the test for my GROL license when I came upon your site. Once I started preparing, using your practice test, I became confident enough to take the test in less than a months time.. Long story short, I scored 99% overall and it only took approximately 40 minutes to take the whole GROL exam. Once again, thanks for having the best FCC prep test site on the web! Ricky Minor Radio Frequency Manager/EPA

Ricky Minor

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